About us

NVEY BABY means more to my family than just another product with a great idea. NVEY BABY at its heart and soul is about caring for our own son, to the same level you care for your own family. For us its all about safe, natural, effective gentle care formulations that you can trust.

The NVEY BRAND is over 9 years old, launched in 2007 as one of the first organic makeup brands in the world. Later we introduced our range of skin care to create a universally accepted cosmetic company now sold in over 20 countries.

 In 2014 our son William was born and like all new parents we wanted the best for him from day one. Although we had an extensive background in cosmetic manufacturing we never looked at baby care until that amazing day when Will entered our lives. What really surprised us was the range of brands that all seemed so alike, often perfumed, containing ingredients that we would never even use on ourselves such as phenoxyethanol, cocamidopropyl betaine, parabens, petrolatum to name just a few.



NVEY BABY is about trust between you and us; providing you the confidence to care for your baby's skin with the knowledge that we have considered every ingredient for their caring nature and effect. 

 At NVEY BABY we are proud that we have made the commitment to:

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