Organic Percentage

Organic Percentage - What does this mean?

At NVEY BABY when we source raw materials/ ingredients for our products, we require our suppliers to provide all documentation regarding the ingredients origin, which includes the country of origin, how it was processed, and relevant certification related that ingredient.

We require Organic ingredients to be certified by a third party certifying agency such as the USDA, ECOCERT, Cosmos. There is a difference between natural and organic, and this is where our knowledge of organic manufacturing is important. We look at all documentation provided to determine then actual organic percentage used. Our aim isnt to achieve the highest percentage possible, its to source the best materials for the product without compromise.

So how do we arrive at a final organic percentage? Its simple. The percentage displayed on the packaging is the actual net percentage by weight of certified organic ingredients used to make that product. There is no fuzzy maths, its just the simple, plain percentage we use. So for example in our 3 in 1 Zinc Barrier Cream we list 88% organic ingredients. This means that in a 100gr jar there are 88gr of certified organic ingredients. At NVEY BABY we keep it that simple.

How do I know what is a certified organic ingredient? On the ingredient label of each product we list every ingredient used, and have a asterisk * symbol next to the certified organic ingredients.